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Throughout the years our company has managed to gain a name greater than its size.

We are proud and we assure you that we will continue to provide our services to any client with respect and professionalism.

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Investigation Services
  • Corporate & Private Investigations
  • Research and verifications of persons
  • Trace people – Birth parent search, Missing persons
Security Services
  • Protection of persons –V.I.P
  • Security guards
  • Property safe keeping
  • Detector tests
  • C.P.S. Patrol
Special Team Bodyguard (STB)

Special Team Bodyguards is a new team, build up to provide High-Level Security Services to individuals. (VIP Personal Protection). This team is a continuation of Special Team Avantes Co which was established in 1992 and continues to serve each client with respect and professionalism.

A.O. Security Training Center

According to law 125 (1) 2007 Act of the Parliament of the Republic. Anyone who wishes to work as a guard should have a Diploma Profession. The Act provides, amongst other to make education and follow the approved program of Police which duration is 4 days, for 6 hours/day.