About us


Avantes detective and security began its operations in 1988 as a private investigator’s office situated in Nicosia, Cyprus. The founder and manager of the company Mr. Angelos Ouloupis has extensive knowledge and training on security and investigation.

The company was named after the word Avantes, which finds its roots back to the ancient Greece and the town of Avalida (the current Euboea) whose habitats were extremely brave warriors and were called Avantes. Homer the Greek poet mentions Avantes in his epic poem ‘Iliad’ that they took part in the Trojan War.

In 1992 a second office opened in Limassol, Cyprus and the same year, a special team undertook missions of extreme importance both in Cyprus and abroad. In 1998 and after all the standard procedures were followed, our company was approved to become a W.A.D member. (W.A.D. is the International Association for Private Investigators and Security Service Organizations, located in USA).

Also in 1998 our company was the first ever to bring counter surveillance equipment to Cyprus which included bug detectors in fax machines, phones, vehicles, computers, workplaces and homes. The expansion of the company was done in 2008 with the opening of an office in New York.

Avantes detective and security provides their staff with continuous education and development opportunities due to the wide range of contacts we have established through our activities in many parts of the world. Our team carried out several case studies for the safety and protection of private businessmen, politicians, political parties and members of the government. Members of our team have worked in more than 50 countries around the world. We have worked both for individuals as well as for organizations (including the Army, City Councils, the Church of Cyprus and private companies)

As a company we undertook more than 10 extremely difficult missions (in Lebanon, Cyprus, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Eastern Europe, Greece and Italy) which included tracing missing persons (including children), transportation of gold and money, VIP escort & protection of a ship carrying illegal immigrants (employed by the foreign government)

Other service we are offering is security services to several Schools and Universities. Protection services were also provided to a former president of the United States as well as to several foreign ambassadors visiting Cyprus.

We have an active member within our team that was invited to a number of television and radio shows in order to give information regarding technology and security. Furthermore Avantes takes an innovative step and launches the Closed Patrol Services in Cyprus, a service proven to be effective and reliable for guarding and securing areas.

The way in which our Avantes detective and security operates, enables our continuous development in the areas of Investigation and Safety. Over the years, our Company has been established as one of the best. This makes us extremely proud and we are thankful to our clients for the trust they invested in us and we promise to continue handling every case with respect and high professionalism.